Friday, December 14, 2012

Dittle Dattle's DIY Frames

Carrie at her creative Dittle Dattle blog has posted several DIY tutorials, including framing projects for nautical custom frames, a frame-within-a-frame and a (higher skill level) shadow box frame. She also created a great home project wall display using square white frames. Her clear instructions and  running commentary are delightful, as well.

Pretty matted frame-within-a-frame instructions can be found at Dittle Dattle's Framing Frame

Instructions for these nautical frames using pallets or rough-sawn lumber,  boards, nut mounted glass, and chalk paint are available at  Nautical Custom DIY Frames

Carrie's gallery wall collage, including an Ikea rug

Instructions for making shadow box frame in two parts:  Shadow Box Frame Part One and Shadow Box Frame Part Two. 

No instructions for these 20"x20" white frames using 1"x4" boards, although you can make a request. See them at Square Chunky Frames

Thanks Carrie for you and your husband and your DIY frames! For more, go to Dittle Dattle Blog

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