Friday, January 4, 2013

Large Pictures on the Cheap

A number of blogs have posted DIY large pictures, framed and mounted without frames, using black and white large-size engineering prints that can be ordered through Staples. Since even discount online photo prints can cost from $20 on up, not including frames, engineering prints are proving to be an inexpensive way to cover a large wall space. To order, check out the Staples Engineering Prints website.

Before you start ordering engineering prints, you may want to read  "What you should know about Engineer Prints" from Interiors by Kenz.  Engineering prints come only in black and white and are printed on thin paper, so they shouldn't be considered permanent decor. That being said, they can be used creatively, as in the following examples:

The East Coast Creative Blog started out by giving DIY instructions for a family photo inside a frame cut from Luan plywood:

If you want to go without the frame altogether, below is an engineering print mounted on insulation board, from Bower Power:

and black and white travel scenery from Our Next Great Adventure:

Pet photos from the East Central Illinois News-Gazette:

Series photos from Luxe Chandelier:

Looks like fun!


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